The Everly Brothers Experience – Featuring The Zmed Brothers

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pavilion Theater

The Everly Brothers Experience – Featuring The Zmed Brothers

In January 2016, brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed (acoustic guitars/vocals) and their partner Burleigh Drummond (drummer) began developing The Everly Brothers Experience show.  The show celebrates the pivotal sounds of The Everly Brothers’ music and they have toured with the show across the U.S. and overseas in clubs, theaters, performing arts centers, casinos and other venues.

The Zmeds say, “We are not impersonators. Our aim is to honor the aesthetics of their (the original Everly Brothers) iconic sounds and honor their place in music history all while having a little fun telling our own personal story.”  (You may know their famous father, Adrian Zmed!  The singer, dancer, actor has performed in Grease 2 Bachelor Party, TJ Hooker along with many other shows and film.)

View a clip of the talented performers.


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